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Capital Adhesive products employ the most environmentally safe ingredients. Material safety data sheets are available for every product manufactured. A careful review of the safety data sheet is recommended.

Technical data sheets include handling and operational information for added safety information.

Most products meet compositional requirements of FDA 21CFR175.105 for adhesives intended for incidental food contact applications.

For further information contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415

Capital Adhesives has the shortest lead times in the industry.

Most products ship 3 business days from date of order. Certain labeling glues, dextrin, and resi-dex products have a lead time of 5 business days from the date of order.

Please note: Carrier schedules and adverse weather may cause delays in shipping transit times.

Although our normal lead times are 3-5 days, in emergency or situations requiring a more expedient delivery, next-day delivery can be possible.

For further information contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415

The minimum quantities for liquid adhesives is 1 x 5 gallon pail and for hot melt adhesives is 1 x box (weight varies).

For further information contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415

In general, a good rule is that all adhesives should be stored in dry, temperature-controlled environment, ideally between 65-80°F. Under these conditions the shelf life for liquid adhesives is 3-6 months and hot melt adhesives is 1 year.

To ensure maximum shelf life, you should closely follow the storage and handling instructions on the product’s technical data sheet. The shelf life is calculated from its date of manufacture.

For further information contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415

Capital Adhesives offers a wide selection of different packaging solutions to best meet your specific application requirements. They are designed to optimize dispensing of Capital Adhesives compounds. Our packaging solutions will maximize productivity, reduce waste and maintain consistently high product reliability.

For further information contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415

Standard Liquid Packaging

  • 5 gallon pails with pour spout
  • 30 gallon fiber drums
  • 55 gallon short fiber and metal drums
  • 55 gallon tall fiber drums
  • 275 gallon trip lease totes
  • 330 gallon disposable totes

  Standard Hot Melt Packaging

  • 25 – 50lb box (depending on product type and form)

First-time orders are shipped prepaid with credit card or COD unless credit approval is confirmed. Credit cards include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Orders of less than $200 require prepayment (credit card, COD, etc.).

For customers outside the US and Canada, payment is required by wire transfer or credit card. US Funds Required.

We extend credit to our customers as a courtesy and as a matter of convenience when applicable and minimum requirements are met. Upon completion and approval of a Capital Adhesives credit application, customer terms may be established.

  • $200 minimum order value is required to be considered for the establishment of credit terms.
  • We accept checks, credit cards, ACH and wire transfer as methods of payment.

To see if you quality, contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415 or download and complete the Credit Application Form and send to

Cost is more than simply price; cost is the price plus performance and results. Capital provides high quality products at a competitive price to minimize end user cost. Because our adhesives are often manufactured on an as-needed basis, pricing will vary according to quantities and type of adhesive.

Please call or use the online Quote Request form to submit your specifications. One of our sales representatives will call you with a quote or to further discuss your request.

Generally, a reading below 40 dynes/cm is borderline when using water-based adhesives; some laminating and coating applications require surface energies of 50 dynes/cm or more.

Contact our technical support team at 317-834-5415 to discuss your application and to learn more on the importance of surface treatment for successful bonding.

Moisture…in warmer environments or times of high humidity and heat, more moisture is absorbed causing the paperboard to expand.  The opposite holds true during winter months when stock is exposed to lower humidity and temperatures; colder temperatures will actually draw moisture out of the stock.

Since paperboard moisture content does not remain consistent, the best solution is to control the environment whenever possible (temperature, storage humidity and plant operating conditions).

For further information contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415

Duplicate the “real world environment” of the finished substrates.

1.) Apply adhesive under normal circumstances and cure at room temperature before environmental testing.

2.) Once cured, test the finished substrates in oven or freezer based on anticipated temperature extremes.

3.) Check adhesive bond after 24 hrs.

For further information contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415

High pH (more than 8) and Low pH (Less than 7) adhesives are not compatible; this is strictly a chemical matter and not specific to adhesives supplier.

Anytime you use chemicals with an extreme difference in pH levels, you will get an adverse effect that could create major issues in your glue system.

The pH levels for your adhesive can be found in the adhesive’s technical bulletin (plain tap water has a pH level around 7).

It is important to CLEANPURGEPREP and PRIME your system for the pH level you want to run.

You will need a pH meter or you can use pH test strips available at some local stores with a swimming pool department.

CLEAN…pump out the old adhesive

PURGE….first purge with room temperature water, then use a Flush solution that matches the pH level of the old glue you pumped out of your system

High pH Flush Solution (greater than 8)

Old glue is High pH = Diluted household ammonia (1 part) & Water (10 part) solution (match pH level of old glue)

Low pH Flush Solution (less than 7)

Old glue is Low pH = Diluted household vinegar (1 part) & Water (10 part) solution (match pH level of old glue)

PREP…the flush solution needs to be flowing cleanly through the system with no residual filter clogging

PURGE…purge again with room temperature water

PRIME… use a primer solution to raise or lower the pH level of the glue system to accept the new pH level adhesive (match the pH level of the new product you want to run).

High pH Prime Solution (greater than 8)

New glue is High pH = Diluted household ammonia (1 part) & Water (10 part) solution (match pH level of new glue)

Low pH Prime Solution (less than 7)

New glue is Low pH = Diluted household vinegar (1 part) & Water (10 part) solution (match pH level of new glue)

This procedure needs to be followed any time you run incompatible pH materials in the same system.

This process is necessary regardless of whose adhesive is used—hopefully it will be Capital Adhesives.

For further information contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415

#1) Test the surface tension of the coating using a dyne test kit (anything below 40 dynes/cm is suspect when using water-based adhesives and some lamination and coating application need 50 dynes/cm or more).

#2) If the dyne level is too low, the area must be treated to raise the surface tension of the coating (skive the coated areas or use some type of chemical primer or surface treatment like corona, plasma, or flame treatment).

When using water-based adhesive, it is important for at least one of the surface areas to be porous. Non-porous substrates will trap the adhesive between the two surfaces delaying set up time because the water has no place to go.

We recommend running dyne tests and doing hand-gluing QA testing with samples prior to committing to the job; we always encourage knocking out the glue tabs whenever possible.

For further information contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415

Product Name – CB Discs are commonly known as “Booger Glue,” which is a product designed for hand applications (where hot melt equipment is not available for peel and release) or attachment applications. They come pre-extruded on release paper and have the appearance of a soft contact lens approximately 3/8″ diameter. With four tack levels to choose from, each product comes on a roll of approximately 6000 discs per roll.

For a sample kit and/or more information and details regarding the best tack level for your application we invite you to contact us.

All Capital Adhesive products are formulated when ordered. As a result, Capital Adhesives does not accept product returns except in the unlikely event the product fails to meet its specifications as published in its current technical data sheet. All possible returns must be approved and require a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. The RMA number must be indicated on the shipping label. Return shipments without an RMA number will be refused. Contact our office or your sales representative to confirm and approve any return.

*Restock Fees May Apply

For further information contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415

All shipments are requested to be Freight Collect utilizing customer’s preferred carrier.

Small orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx. Large orders are shipped via LTL common carrier.

When a preferred carrier is not available, Capital Adhesives will select the most cost-effective means of transportation. All packaging for shipments meets appropriate DOT regulations.

At times, special considerations are required; please contact our customer service team to discuss your needs.

For further information contact Capital Adhesives at 317-834-5415

Yes, Capital Adhesives is ISO 9001 certified and emphasizes the continuous improvement process.

Our system undergoes internal audits up to twice per year; each year Capital Adhesives is re-certified by an approved registered external auditor licensed by the Internal Standards Organization guidelines.

ISO 9001 is an international standard, recognized throughout the world for establishing and following a documented written procedure that strictly adheres to a quality business management system. ISO 9001 is applicable to any manufacturing and service organization and provides a focus on system performance and ongoing improvement.

Created by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 9001 is based on eight quality management principles: customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach, system approach to management, continual improvement, fact based decision-making and mutually beneficial supplier relationships. When fully adopted, these principles have been proven to enhance organizational performance.

Source: International Organization for Standardization website,

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