Our goal is to protect you and the products you use.

Please order ahead to avoid delays.

To protect liquid products from freezing conditions we choose to avoid shipping materials that could sit over a weekend.

Please be aware that lead times could be affected due to weather conditions during the winter months from November 1st thru April 1st.

This means we won’t ship freezable products (water-based resin adhesives) on Fridays (or Thursdays if 2-day transit is needed) when an order will sit in a truck over the weekend and possibly be affected by freezing temperatures.


Inspect all products received for damage or distress BEFORE accepting the adhesive shipment from the carrier. If you see coagulation at room temperature, the product should not be used.


Count the units shipped and verify the proper number of containers.


Properly inspect the shipment for damage.


Check the condition of the packaging for damage (leaks, dents – cosmetic damage is not a cause for concern):

⚬ Liquid adhesives should be checked for frost or water/ice crystals.

⚬ All liquid adhesive products should be a smooth liquid.


If you suspect a product is frozen or distressed:

⚬ Mark BOL receipt accordingly and let product warm to room temperature

⚬ At room temperature – inspect for coagulation (think cottage cheese)

⚬ If not sure, agitate/stir the product and test accordingly

If any of the above conditions exist, make a notation on the delivery receipt explaining the specific condition of the shipment, before signing and accepting or refusing the shipment. If you see coagulation at room temperature, the product should not be used.

Damaged or Distressed Products

If a product or container is suspect or considered “Damaged or Distressed Product”:

⚬ Immediately investigate further and make the proper notations on the shipping records at the time of receipt.

⚬ Inform the carrier verbally and in writing prior to the carrier leaving your docking area.

⚬ Notify Capital Adhesives about the frozen product(s) immediately. Call 317-834-5415

| Minor cosmetic damage to a container should not be recorded and damage to soft goods boxes is considered cosmetic in most cases. |



All Collect shipments are F.O.B. Mooresville, IN (origination). For “Collect” shipments, if damage has been noted, please contact the carrier immediately. It is the customer’s responsibility to handle the resolution of the claim directly with the carrier. This also applies if “Collect” shipments are refused.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which Products Freeze?

⚬ Liquid Resin Adhesives
⚬ Liquid Coatings



Which Products Will Not Freeze?

⚬ Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot Melt products are not affected by freezing temperatures.


Which Products Are Freeze/Thaw stable?

⚬ Dextrin Liquid Adhesives

Dextrin products are freeze/thaw stable and will re-emulsify if received in a frozen state.