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Posted - November, 2023

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In the complex realm of envelope manufacturing, where precision engineering meets advanced chemistry, adhesive selection becomes the linchpin determining the success of the entire production process. Ensuring seamless cohesion between diverse materials, from paper to plastic, demands adhesives engineered with meticulous attention to detail.

Capital Adhesives stands at the forefront of this intricate process, offering an array of cutting-edge adhesive solutions designed explicitly for the demands of modern envelope manufacturing.

Image: Envelope Adhesive Types

Envelope manufacturing requires the use of specialized adhesives to create high-quality products efficiently.

The four primary adhesive applications in envelope production include:

Front Gum (Front Seal) Adhesive

The front seal adhesive provides the bond along the envelope flap to seal the envelope closed. This adhesive must set quickly and form a tight seal that remains secure during mailing and opening. Capital Adhesives offers fast-setting front gum adhesives that won’t gum up equipment.

Window Patch Adhesive

Window patch adhesives adhere the clear plastic window material to the envelope body. This enables visibility of enclosed contents. These adhesives must create clear, non-yellowing bonds that don’t obstruct view. Capital Adhesives provides window patch adhesives with excellent clarity and adhesion properties.

Self-Seal Adhesive

Self-seal adhesives allow self-stick envelope closures. They coat the inside flap of peel-and-seal envelopes. Capital Adhesives’ self-seal adhesives offer consistent, reliable adhesion and peel performance.

Back Gum Adhesive

Back gum adhesives provide over-the-flap bonds for extra sealing on the back of envelopes. They reinforce the closure and prevent contents from falling out. Capital Adhesives’ back gum adhesives prevent bleed-through and drying issues.

Optimizing these adhesives improves efficiency by allowing faster machine speeds, reducing jams, and minimizing downtime. Capital Adhesives offers specially formulated envelope adhesives designed to maximize manufacturing productivity.

For a seamless production experience and envelopes that stand out, choose Capital Adhesives as your trusted adhesive partner.

Contact us today to learn more about our high-performing adhesives and custom adhesive solutions.

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