Grease Resistant Coatings

Capital Adhesives has a full range of FDA-approved, sustainable, grease-resistant coatings for paper and paperboard food packaging applications.

As an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer known for superior technical support, our made-to-order solutions let you increase production without investing in new machines.


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Why choose our Grease Resistant Coatings?

• Environmentally Friendly: Easier to recycle than PE extruded board
• Quicker turn around. Bring in house eliminating huge corporate board mills
• Meets FDA requirements for bakery, meats, and food products
• Outstanding 3M Test kit and good Cobb values
• Glueable coating eliminates the need to corona treat or blank out seams and tabs
• Run on conventional press without additional capital investment
• Consistent coating weight means improved clarity and smoothness
• Easy, repeatable equipment set-up lets you set it and forget it
• Guaranteed viscosity stability and consistency from batch to batch
• Custom made to your specifications from 5 gal pails to drums and totes
• Low VOC formulation reduces or eliminates odors for better working conditions and greener production
• Capital Adhesives offers many coating options to allow for varying levels of barrier, grease, and water properties.