Community Engagement During COVID-19

Posted - May, 2020

Impact has always been essential, but with the current times, it’s a choice we as a Capital Adhesives family consciously make. As we continue our global support, Capital Adhesives also dedicates time and services to our local community.

Our team members volunteered to provide approximately 40 meals to the ER staff at our local St. Francis hospital. Our Capital Adhesives family is now working to serve the police officers at the Mooresville Police Station.

Each week we come together and see what else we can do to help serve those around us. 

We have increased our contribution to the Boys and Girls Club due to the extra demand of services during this period, and have worked with Church in Missions to provide storage space for donations of non-perishable items that are distributed to the needs of our community. 

This is a trying time for us all, but it has allowed us as a company to focus on what has shaped our foundation through the years. Our mission is to be responsible, adaptable, innovative, supportive, show excellence, and serve all with the values of faith, family, teamwork, stewardship, and integrity.

We would like to thank our Capital Adhesives family for putting our mission and value into action always, but especially through this trying time. Thank you also to our community for being one that comes together in times of need. We have joy knowing the extra time spent lending a hand is always worth it and are excited to continue our support where we can.

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