Fiber Face Shields for Health Care Providers

Posted - April, 2020

COVID-19 Face Shields

Capital Adhesives is proud to be partnering with packaging companies in the production of protective face shields. Our specially formulated adhesives are being used to adhere to the polyester film to the fiberboard during the construction of the face shield.

These single-use face shields are a treasured resource to medical professionals and first responders during this unprecedented time. The Fiber Shield organization, an international coalition of paperboard packaging companies and supply-chain partners, has donated 1,250,000 fiber shields to date. Their goal is to produce and distribute over 10 million face shields in the next several weeks.

How can I get involved?

If you’re with a packaging company and want to help, please contact Fiber Shield directly via their website.

Fiber Shield is also providing free resources (shield specifications and CAD files) to streamline the process for those who want to help produce the fiber face shields.

Learn more about the Fiber Shield mission here:

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