Improved Valve for 275-gallon Trip Lease Tote

Posted - February, 2021

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Capital Adhesives offers our liquid adhesive and coating products in a variety of container types. These container types include 1-gallon plastic jugs, 5-gallon plastic & steel pails, 30- & 55-gallon fiber & steel drums, and 275-gallon disposable & trip lease totes.

For those of you purchasing liquid products from us in our 275-gallon trip lease totes, you may notice a change in the 2-inch valve connection found at the bottom of the tote. The traditional 2-inch NPC (National Pipe Thread) screwable valve is now being phased out by the improved 2-inch Camlock valve.

What are the different valve types for 275-gallon totes?

NPC Threaded Valve

2" NPC Threaded Valve

Camlock Valve

2" Camlock Valve

The Camlock valve allows for easy disconnect, adding to ease of use. Camlock is usually used for quick connects (like hoses), while NPT is for threaded connections. All 275-gallon trip lease totes have three components: a new bottle, new cage, and new composite pallet. New bottles are made of FDA-approved virgin resin, appropriate for food-grade use. The 275-gallon trip lease totes feature 4 HDPE corner protectors, a 6-inch top cap, where the pump inlet is typically inserted, and a 2-inch valve, now with the Camlock style valve, centered at the bottom.


Most glue systems pump product through an inlet tube using the 6-inch top opening of the 275-gallon tote.

If this is how your system is set up, the valve change should not directly affect your operations.

275-gallon tote top view

If your pump system uses the traditional 2-inch NPC (National Pipe Thread) screwable valve there is an adapter that we can provide you to convert the Camlock style valve to a threaded valve.

The adapter is reusable and should not be discarded.

Tote Adapter
Tote Adapter
Tote Adapter
Tote Adapter

Camlock to thread valve adapter.

Click on the video below to see the Camlock to thread valve adapter being installed:

 Want to verify what style of tote valve you’ve previously received?

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